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Texas Instruments TI-Nspire Scripting Support Page


Are you interested in getting your students started with coding? Perhaps you would like to give them hands-on experience with simple classroom-ready circuit boards, and live data from a rich variety of sources?

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics will increasingly define the ways in which we interact with our world. The better we understand and can use the technological tools available to us, the more successful we are likely to be in the world ahead. Good teachers know that the best learning is that which is personal, hands-on and rich in meaning and potential for students.

When we couple the power of TI-Nspire technology with some of the other amazing tools and learning opportunities available from Texas Instruments, the possibilities are exciting:

  • TI Innovator™ Hub: The TI-Innovator™ Hub is the centerpiece of the TI-Innovator™ System, a project kit that extends the functionality of Texas Instruments (TI) graphing calculators to make coding and engineering design accessible to students in the classroom. Plug-and-play and ready-to-use with TI graphing calculators, the TI-Innovator™ Hub enables students to learn basic coding and design, use those skills to program and build working solutions, and connect science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) concepts.

  • TI Codes: Introduce students to the basics of coding, a critical skill for 21st century STEM careers, using the TI technology they carry in their backpacks every day. Start with 10 minutes of Code, and then move on to further tasks and challenges.

  • Arduino and TI LaunchPad boards are a great way for teachers and students to get started with coding within a real world context. Simple coding commands produce practical and immediate results, from blinking LEDs and controlling actions with buttons, to connecting to and controlling sensors, speakers, motors and more.

  • The CC2650 SensorTag offers a rich source of data for students to collect, analyse and use as a basis for real world investigation.

Note: The SensorTag BLE lessons and the later LaunchPad lessons are designed to follow from the main body of the Lua Scripting Tutorials found on this site.


Lua Scripting and the TI Innovator™ Hub


Introducing Arduino: Getting started with Coding and programmable boards


Introducing TI LaunchPads: Getting started with Coding and programmable boards


Introducing the TI SensorTag

  • Sharing Data - the Easy Way
  • Some Classroom Applications to Get Started
    1. Where is the Best Place to Sit in our Classroom?
    2. Build your own weather station
    3. Build your own Remotely Monitored Greenhouse
    4. Explore the Mathematics of Movement (and exercise and dance?)
    5. Which is the best cup shape for my cup of tea or coffee?
    6. Could I use barometric pressure to measure altitude?
    7. Could I use light intensity to measure distance from the light source?
    8. Could I use the magnetometer as a compass?
    9. Could I use the accelerometer to measure distance and velocity of a moving object?
    10. Could I use the accelerometer to control a screen object?

  • Conclusion

    Lua Scripting and the TI CC2650 SensorTag


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