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    As you will have seen from the few examples offered, a tool like the SensorTag offers much, much more than just a source of data. Potentially, it is a source of deep engagement, systematic exploration and design, research and understanding of the real world, and powerful mathematics along the way. All the very best ingredients for a STEM-active classroom, from which students may take, not just deeper knowledge and understanding of key content and principles, but a thirst for more, and the skills which will equip them to seek and find new knowledge and wonder along the way.

    If you are interested to learn more about the SensorTag and how you might create your own BLE-active Nspire documents using Lua, then visit the Lua Scripting Tutorials.


    If you have a SensorTag and happen to be using the Chrome browser on a recent (mid-2012+) Mac, Android (M) or ChromeBook, then try it out right now! Just click the Connect button at the top of the page and see the TI SensorTag in action!




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