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    Sharing Data - the Easy Way

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    So you have a SensorTag, or even a few SensorTags to go around. You have collected some data that you wish to share with others ("you" might be the teacher, or a student). Yes, you could use DropBox or email or any other web-based mechanism, but what if you just want to share locally - no web involved?

    In the SensorTag TI-Nspire document you will find something experimental - a QR Code page. Select a sensor (either from the menu or by clicking on the data or graph view to display it full screen). The data from that sensor will be converted to a QR Code (with thanks to Adrien Bertrand for his awesome Lua coding!) Now use any of the free QR Readers available for iPad or iPhone and have those you wish to share with take a shot of the code, converting it back to text. Copy and paste into an Nspire Calculator page and your students have now defined x and y lists from your data set. Easy!

    If online access is available (and if you are using iPads then this will generally be the case) then there is now an even easier way to share your data. Go to the menu, choose Data Capture > Copy current data to clipboard, and the data is now copied directly to the clipboard of your device (compressed and encoded). Go to your browser and paste into the browser entry line - your data set will be displayed ready for copying and pasting back into TI-Nspire as described above. This link may be easily shared with others in your class, at home or any where in the world, if desired!

    Free Apps for iOS and Android - and sending your data to the Cloud!

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    A click of a button and the SensorTag begins advertising, ready to start sending streams of data to your mobile device. Free apps are available for both iOS and Android, which will display the data graphically. Not only that: these apps can quickly and easily send your data to the Cloud! This little device is a very capable citizen of the Internet of Things. Use your connected phone or tablet to link to the Cloud, and share the web address with students in your class, or at home - or even overseas! They will see the data stream live in their browser. The default system uses the IBM QuickStart Internet of things, but there are now other options...

    CC2650 SensorTag sending data from my house, in Swansea NSW!

    New CC3200 Wifi SensorTag sending data from the same location!


    Do even more with your SensorTag data using Dweet, a new Internet of Things (IoT) platform which makes it easy to grab and visualise your data.

    Dweet may be thought of as like "twitter for devices" - internet-enabled devices can easily exchange data using this platform. No need to sign up or create an account - just create a unique name for your "thing" (in this case, your CC3200 LaunchPad with suitable sketch) and then read the live data stream from anywhere in the world.

    For example, I created a "thing" called "CC3200_Swansea" and it is sending live data from my house.





    If you have a SensorTag and happen to be using the Chrome browser on a recent (mid-2012+) Mac, Android (M) or ChromeBook, then try it out right now! Just click the Connect button at the top of the page and see the TI SensorTag in action!




    IO Service / Simple Keys Service

    Pressing the buttons below, you can turn on/off the LEDs and the buzzer.

    When you press the buttons on the side of the CC2650, the indicators on either side of the picture will be highlighted.

    Device Information

    System ID
    Model Number
    Firmware Revision
    Hardware Revision
    Software Revision
    Manufacturer Name
    Battery Level

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