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The TI SensorTag is a small, (relatively) inexpensive device which packs a powerful punch - it is a BlueTooth Low Energy (BLE) tool with sensors for temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope and more. Used with an iPad or Chrome browser, students can easily collect, view and analyse a wealth of real world data for mathematics and science, from the middle years through to seniors. From building their own weather station, to exploring the mathematics and physiology of exercise and dance the opportunities for rich mathematical exploration are truly exciting. All in a tiny device that fits in your hand and costs around $AUD100 (or under $AUD80 if you create an account and order directly from the TI store - and the TI Store postage of $USD6.99 beats local delivery charges of around $AUD25!)


Introducing the TI SensorTag

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The TI SensorTag was created by Texas Instruments as a testing tool for programmers wanting to create apps and software for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices. Designed to be robust, inexpensive, programmable and versatile, it seemed not to have occurred to the engineers designing it that this might be an ideal tool for classrooms. It brings together, not just a wealth of sensors, but enormous possibilities for exploration and discovery across the various STEM components, potentially from middle school through to senior years.

The SensorTag 2.0 (or CC2650 SensorTag) was released in March 2015 - the original TI BLE SensorTag had been around for several years, but is no longer available for purchase.

The SensorTag 2.0 carries on board ten sensors:

  • Temperature, both ambient and infra-red (the latter so that, instead of dropping the device into the boiling water - not recommended! - you only need to point at the object whose temperature you wish to measure!)
  • Humidity
  • Barometric pressure
  • Light intensity
  • 3D Accelerometer
  • 3D Magnetometer, and
  • 3D Gyroscope.
  • Magnet sensor (switch linked to buttons)

An additional sensor (digital microphone) is reportedly on-board, but not currently activated.

The SensorTag includes several programmable alerts - red and green LED lights and a buzzer. (The SensorTag is also extendable with programming options using "devPacks" - a USB-powered debugger, an LED "watch" and an audio/LED interface).

The device offers two programmable buttons which are proving very versatile as I continue to find new applications. (How about using these to create a BLE remote control?)

Did I mention that you can buy the SensorTag 2.0 online from TI for $USD59 (around $AUD90) plus postage (to Australia, that is around $10) or buy from a dealer?


If you have a SensorTag and happen to be using the Chrome browser on a recent (mid-2012+) Mac, Android (M) or ChromeBook, then try it out right now! Just click the Connect button at the top of the page and see the TI SensorTag in action!

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IO Service / Simple Keys Service

Pressing the buttons below, you can turn on/off the LEDs and the buzzer.

When you press the buttons on the side of the CC2650, the indicators on either side of the picture will be highlighted.

Device Information

System ID
Model Number
Firmware Revision
Hardware Revision
Software Revision
Manufacturer Name
Battery Level

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