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GXWeb is an extraordinary software tool which offers many of the wonderful features of Geometry Expressions free of charge - and it is available on every platform. Necessarily more limited than its commercial siblings, it nonetheless captures the essence of the constraint-based blend of dynamic geometry and computer algebra that defines this system.

While not offering the facility to save and revisit one's creations, the latest version of GXWeb does offer a surprisingly powerful feature - it supports the generation of HTML5/JavaScript web apps, just as Geometry Expressions (GX) does! Tap on the first image opposite to see this in action.




... and even to...


These apps are generally much simpler than those created in GX (although much more is possible than you might expect!), and so they may serve as powerful tools for teaching and learning - especially when they can be enhanced in the same way as Geometry Expressions (GX) apps, described previously.

As before, we will consider four stages in opening up your embedded GXWeb applet:

  1. Creating your GXWeb applet

  2. Writing TO the applet

  3. Reading FROM the applet

  4. Putting it all together


Stage 1: Build Your GXWeb Applet

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Stage 2: Writing TO your GX Applet

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Stage 3: Reading FROM your GX Applet

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Stage 4: Putting it All Together

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Stage 5: Adding Some GX Pizzazz

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