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Learn How: Create your own Interactive GX Task

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Learn How: Create Your Own GXWeb Assessment Task


Geometry Expressions software offers many amazing opportunities for learning mathematics, even beyond its unique blending of constraint-based dynamic geometry and computer algebra. The ability to create GX documents and then export these to a variety of formats is a powerful feature - the focus in these pages, of course, lies in exporting to the web, using HTML5 and JavaScript.

When seeking to create interactive online activities we demonstrate here that it is possible to go even further - using JavaScript to read properties from the embedded GX applet,and to write to the applet from the web page.

Of course, you might wonder why someone would want to do these things. The examples shown in the Geometry Expressions Showcase demonstrate the power to create interactive assessment/exploration tasks perfect for online learning built around an embedded GX applet - students can even explore STEM applications using the in-built sensors on their mobile devices!

Here we will consider four stages in opening up your embedded GX applet:

  1. Creating your GX applet

  2. Writing TO the applet

  3. Reading FROM the applet

  4. Putting it all together



... and then to...


Stage 1: Build Your GX Applet

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Stage 2: Writing TO your GX Applet

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Stage 3: Reading FROM your GX Applet

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Stage 4: Putting it All Together

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