This utility supports both TI CC2650 SensorTag and BLE-enabled TI LaunchPad Terminal in addition to mobile device internal sensors.

The SensorTag component of this web application is a demo of the "html-CC2650SensorTag.js", which shows the measurement result reported by a SimpleLink Bluetooth low energy/Multi-standard SensorTag (CC2650STK) in real time.

In order to try the SensorTag web application, turn on your CC2650 pressing the power button (on the right side of your CC2650). If your CC2650 is turned on successfully, you will find the green LED is blinking. Then press the "Connect" button above. Your Chrome will show you a dialog window which shows found devices. Selecting your CC2650, this web application will establish a connection with the CC2650, then show you the measurement results coming from your CC2650.

NOTE that connection to the SensorTag will NOT work on iPad with the WebBLE app.


IO Service / Simple Keys Service

Pressing the buttons below, you can turn on/off the LEDs and the buzzer.

When you press the buttons on the side of the CC2650, the indicators on either side of the picture will be highlighted.

IR Temperature Sensor (TMP007)

Ambience temperature (- °C) [tempAmb]
Object temperature (- °C) [tempIR]

Movement Sensor (MPU9250)

Gyroscope [gyr_x,gyr_y,gyr_z] (X: -, Y: -, Z: - deg/s)
Accelerometer [acc_x,acc_y,acc_z] (X: -, Y: -, Z: - G)
Magnetometer [mag_x,mag_y,mag_z] (X: -, Y: -, Z: - uT)

Humidity Sensor (HDC1000)

Humidity (- %) [humidity]
Temperature (- °C) [tempH]

Barometric Pressure Sensor (BMP280)

Barometric Pressure (- hPa) [pressure]
Temperature (- °C) [tempP]

Optical Sensor (OPT3001)

Light Intensity (- Lux) [light]

Device Information

System ID
Model Number
Firmware Revision
Hardware Revision
Software Revision
Manufacturer Name
Battery Level

The LaunchPad component of this utility by Daniel Loginov offers Web BlueTooth support for BLE-enabled MCU boards such as the TI LaunchPad, as developed in CompassTech STEM HQ LaunchPad tutorials.

This document should work well using the Google Chrome browser on a recent Mac (mid-2012+), Windows 10 (Chrome Canary), Android device or ChromeBook. It will work on iPad with the WebBLE app, but this is an experimental build and may not always work seamlessly. For example, I find that I need to CONNECT, then DISCONNECT, and then CONNECT again to establish a reliable connection using WebBLE. However, after this, it generally works well.

I got mine running on my Mac without too much trouble: prior to the recent Chrome 70, you did need to go in and switch on Chrome's experimental flag to support web Bluetooth but this was pretty straightforward. You can enable it turning on the enable-experimental-web-platform-features flag: In the Chrome browser, type in the web address chrome://flags/. This action results in a list of experimental browser features available to you. You want the Web Bluetooth one.

If you have any questions or would like to share your experience with this utility, please drop me an email!