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Free Algebra and Graphing Resources

    Best Graphing (free and online)

  • EDGE (EmbeDded Graphing Engine) from Hydrix: possibly the best grapher currently available for both explicit and implicit functions and inequalities - and the prototype is FREE online!

    Best Integrated Geometry and Graphing (free and online)

  • GeoGebra is an exciting blend of Algebra and Geometry using an integrated graphing and geometry environment. It is freely available for Mac and Windows and has a wealth of supporting sites. Explore the sample files:

    For some more detailed ideas about how to use such wonderful tools, please feel free to read Exploring Algebra - Geometrically.


    Free Computer Algebra

  • EigenMath is an easy-to-use free algebra and graphing package which is freely available for both Mac and Windows. While limited compared to a full computer algebra system (such as muPad), this is most suitable for early high school algebra.


    For one of the best free mathematics tools, visit x-Functions Xpresso where you can use this wonderful software tool online, or download the java source for use offline. It includes 2-D and 3-D graphing, areas under curves, animations, derivatives, differential curves and much more!

    SimCalc MathWorlds is probably one of the most remarkably powerful and exciting tools for teaching and learning mathematics that is currently available, and it is freely available for both Mac and Windows. This amazing tool brings together in one package all the best things about teaching mathematics: physical involvement, real world application, collaboration, narrative, the "big ideas" of graphing and calculus, suitable from upper Primary to senior years - the motto of this project: that mathematics should be "about something" is made real here!

    SimCalc MathWorlds

    xCAS offers interactive computer algebra, graphing, geometry, spreadsheet and programming! If you want some powerful tools for your students to access for FREE, then this is definitely worth a look - download the xCAS software for Mac, Windows and Linux! Terrible interface and even the English version needs a smattering of French, but the price is right!
    Steve Thornton's Visualising Algebra Resources
    Concrete Algebra Support file (PDF)
    Virtual Manipulatives

    What about free graphing and algebra on your mobile phone?

    XCalc is a free Java Applet which offers a graphing calculator for any mobile phone which runs Java (which is nearly all of them now!) Think about the possibilities for classes that do not yet have access to graphing calculators! While limited (it does not yet have a trace facility) it DOES offer 2d and 3d graphing which is quite fast and powerful. Well worth a play!

    Now, combine that with quite a useful algebraic workpad that allows you to define variables and formulas and evaluate these. MobCAD is based on the MathCAD premise and again adds some pretty powerful mathematical features to your mobile phone.

    These tools and many more may be downloaded to your mobile phone if you have wireless internet access from your phone by going to - type in your own mobile and it brings up hundreds of Java applets which you can download and run on your phone! (I know internet access is expensive, but these cost me about $1.20 each to download - they are small and the process is quite efficient.)


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