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TI-Nspire 3.0 adds powerful new functionality to the platform in the form of Lua scripting capabilities. Lua is a lightweight extensible scripting language, with a relatively simple C API that is not dissimilar to JavaScript in its implementation. Scripts written in Lua (even using a simple text editor) may be converted to TI-Nspire documents using the TI-Nspire Scripting Tool or by third-party tools.



 Title  Author  Description  Download Lua Script

Adding and Subtracting Integers

©Texas Instruments

Drag circles onto the screen for positive and negative integer operations (includes zeros pairs).


Chemical Equation Balancer

©Texas Instruments

Balance chemical reactions using visual cues. [Cannot add new equation with Player]


CountDown Timer

©Texas Instruments

A countdown timer.



©Texas Instruments

Live 3D model of the Ethane molecule. Use this with a 3D-accelerometer, or just use the sliders.


Factoring Trinomials

©Texas Instruments

Dynamic model for algebraic factoring of quadratic trinomials.


Hot Molecules

©Texas Instruments

Bouncing molecules which illustrate decreasing energy: a model of entropy.



©Texas Instruments

Try doing this without a scripting language! A truly beautiful result.


Multiplying Fractions

©Texas Instruments

One of the nicest treatments I have seen for fraction operations.



©Texas Instruments

A better number line.


Periodic Table of the Elements

©Texas Instruments

The ultimate scripted document - the full Periodic Table of the Elements (with usable lists of data for display in D&S).


Riemann Sums

Riemann Sums - approximating Curves

©Texas Instruments

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