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TI-Nspire offers:


The TI-Nspire Platform - An Overview


TI-Nspire: Classroom learning solution

for handheld and software

TI-Nspire Navigator: Complete classroom

learning, management and assessment solution.>>


Data Collection and Analysis solution

USB connection direct to handheld, computer

or to Lab Cradle.>>


The Navigator Classroom for both

handheld and software connects

teachers and students, enabling

optimal learning and assessment.


TI-Nspire document view - computer and iPad.

A wealth of freely available content for

mathematics and science is available.

Click for a sampler.>>


TI-Nspire Document Player (online and offline)

TI-Nspire documents are readily available

online and offline using the Document Player

Click to learn more about the Player,

and how easily you can export

TI-Nspire documents to the web.>>


TI-Nspire PublishView document

TI-Nspire documents can be created using

the flexible and advanced features of the

PublishView format. Click for more.>>



Welcome to the Online Authoring Classroom


Dynamic Documents Sampler: Mathematics and Science


TI-Nspire Lua Scripting HQ


TI-Nspire Authoring Support


TI-Nspire Resource Collection


TI-Nspire Middle School Collection


TI-Nspire ShowCase: Stats, Calculus, Geometry and more...


TI-Nspire 2.0: Meaningful Algebra Collection (T3 International Atlanta 2010)


Polynomial Toolkit for TI-Nspire


Dynamic Algebra with TI-Nspire CAS: Exploration


Concrete Algebra with TI-Nspire CAS: Exploration


Instant Algebra Tiles with TI-Nspire


Implicit Plotting with TI-Nspire


A Brief Introduction to Programming using TI-Nspire


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