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Programming on the TI-Nspire platform has come a long way in a very short time: from almost nothing at release in August 2007 to a dedicated environment with lots of potential by January 2008.

The documents add.tns and add2CAS.tns are collections of useful programs that I have collected together to place in the MyLib folder of my current (1.3) version of TI-Nspire. They contain many useful programs, including those shown here.

Just getting started with TI-Nspire programming? Then you may like to work through a simple quadratic equation solver as a first program. The actual QuadSolver.tns document is also available for download.

For a somewhat fuller, more complete introduction to TI-Nspire programming, read my online Intro to Programming TI-Nspire. You should also check out John Hanna's TI-Nspire page and his Programming Intro.


A Simple Introduction: Adding Shortcuts

I use the computer version of TI-Nspire much more than the handheld, which is great until I want access to one of those special characters that are on the keypad, but not on the keyboard! Like asin(x) and the infinity symbol.

What about solving equations: do we really need to specify the variable when I am just solving in x?

And wouldn't it be nice to integrate a function and get the constant term?

If LibPub is included in the definition and the file that contains the program or function is placed in the MyLib folder, then it can be accessed any time from the Catalog.

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For...EndFor Loops

For k, 1, 10

Disp k


would give the list of numbers from 1 to 10.

Let's try something a little more challenging.

The "newton" program uses a function which has already been defined as f(x).

The comment line will appear in the Catalog if defined as LibPub.

Define variables you don't need to survive the program as "Local".

Notice the use of the "Disp" command.

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And what is Possible?


Two examples:

FirstPrinciples(function) shows the step-by-step process and displays the function and derivative graphically.

WebPlot(function, start, iterations) displays cobweb and time plots for a population over many generations, using Calculator, L&S, G&G and D&S.

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