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Check My Steps

Quickly and easily check your algebra steps using this simple GeoGebra utility.

Enter each step in the math box below, and press the ADD STEP (+) button. After each step, or at the end, tap Check My Steps You may also tap Show Editor and enter your steps directly into the Editor. (If you need to make corrections to your steps, the Editor is the place to do that - then just Check Your Steps again!)

Hint: When entering mathematical expressions in the math box, use the space key to step out of fractions, powers, etc. More...


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Type simple mathematical expressions and equations as you would normally enter these: for example, "x^2[space]-4x+3", and "2/3[space]". For more interesting elements, use Latex notation (prefix commands such as "sqrt" and "nthroot3" with a backslash (\)): for example: "\sqrt(2)[space][space]".

Note: To check indefinite integrals (such as \int(x)) do not include the constant term in your answer.

Some to try...

  • Cube root of 8

    • GeoGebra: nroot(8,3):

    • Enter \nthroot3[space]8[space]

  • Greatest Common Divisor of 24 and 32

    • GeoGebra: GCD(24,32):

    • Enter gcd(24,32)

  • Derivative of \(y=x^2\)

    • GeoGebra: Derivative(\(x^2\))):

    • Enter d/dx[space](x^2)
      (Be sure to include parentheses around the expression!)

  • Tangent of \(y=x^2\) at x = 1

    • GeoGebra: Tangent(1,\(x^2\)):

    • Enter tngnt(1,x^2)

  • Integral of \(y=x^2\) between 0 and 1

    • GeoGebra: Integral(\(x^2\),0,1):

    • Enter \int_0[space]^1[space](x^2)[space][space][space]dx
      (Be sure to include parentheses around the expression!)

  • Sum of \(x^2\) from x = 1 to 10

    • GeoGebra: Sum(\(x^2,x,0,10\)):

    • Enter \sum(x=0[space]10[space]x^2[space])

  • Complete the Square for \(x^2+4x+3\)

    • GeoGebra: CompleteSquare(\(x^2+4x+3\)):

    • Enter cs(x^2 [space]+4x+3)

  • Factorise \(x^2+4x+3\)

    • GeoGebra: Factor(\(x^2+4x+3\)):

    • Enter factor(x^2 [space]+4x+3)

  • Complex Factors of \(x^2+4x+3\)

    • GeoGebra: CFactor(\(x^2+4x+3\)):

    • Enter cfactor(x^2 [space]+4x+3)

  • (CAS only) Solve \(x^2+4x+3=0\)

    • GeoGebra: Solve(\(x^2+4x+3=0\)):

    • Enter solve(x^2 [space]+4x+3)

  • (CAS only) Complex Solve \(x^2+4x+3=0\)

    • GeoGebra: CSolve(\(x^2+4x+3=0\)):

    • Enter csolve(x^2 [space]+4x+3)

  • (Input Field only) Continued Fraction for \(pi\)

    • GeoGebra: ContinuedFraction(\(pi\)):

    • Enter cf(\Pi[space])

  • (Input Field only) Stat Plots: BarChart

    • GeoGebra: BarChart(dataSet1,dataSet2):

    • Enter barchart(dataSet1,dataset2)

  • (Input Field only) Stat Plots: BoxPlot

    • GeoGebra: BoxPlot(1,1,dataSet1):

    • Enter boxplot(1,1,dataSet1)

  • (Input Field only) Stat Plots: DotPlot

    • GeoGebra: DotPlot(dataSet1):

    • Enter dotplot(dataSet1)

  • (Input Field only) Stat Plots: StemPlot

    • GeoGebra: StemPlot(dataSet1):

    • Enter stemplot(dataSet1)



This utility uses MathQuill for live entry of mathematical terms, and MathJax to present the mathematics beautifully. A latex2math.js function converts the latex form produced by MathQuill into a text form which can be read by GeoGebra.


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