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Check My Steps: Algebra Toolkit

MathQuill and MathJax: Beautiful Mathematics in all Browsers

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Getting Started

Use the MathBox to quickly and easily enter, transform and explore numbers and algebraic terms. Add multiple steps to the MathBox and check that each step follows from those before.


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Type simple mathematical expressions and equations as you would normally enter these: for example, "x^2[space]-4x+3", and "2/3[space]". For more interesting elements, use Latex notation (prefix commands such as "sqrt" and "nthroot3" with a backslash (\)): for example: "\sqrt(2)[space][space]".

Note: To check indefinite integrals (such as \int(x)) do not include the constant term in your answer.

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This utility uses MathQuill for live entry of mathematical terms, and MathJax to present the mathematics beautifully. A latex2math.js function converts the latex form produced by MathQuill into a text form which can be read by GeoGebra.

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