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Playing with the Player

Mathematics and Science Player Sampler


A key change which the 3.x updates bring to the TI-Nspire platform lies in the ability to "play" TI-Nspire documents (both the standard TNS files and PublishView (TNSP) files) online within a web browser (and now in an offline desktop application). For teachers and students wishing to experience the power of TI-Nspire, it is no longer necessary to download and install a time-limited software trial. Instead, the Document Players support a variety of real-time interactions with documents.

In particular, the Players support grabbing and dragging - of sliders, points and other draggable geometric objects, as well as graphs, and data and statistics points. Keyboard entry is NOT supported, so there is no ability to change numerical values or to do calculations directly. In this way, users may experience some of the power of TI-Nspire but still require the full software or handheld in order to perform the majority of tasks.

As shown here, Player documents may be launched, using an image or button, or embedded within a web page.


When creating documents intended for use with the Player, keep in mind that:

  • programs, functions or calculations that require the enter key pressed or any keyboard entry will not work.

  • documents will ONLY appear in desktop or computer view - handheld view is not a Player option, and

  • the Player is available both online and offline. The offline version is a Java WebStart app, so will automatically check for updates when a connection exists but, once installed, requires no internet connection to run.

So optimise documents with these things in mind.


Creating Playable Web Pages - the Easy way!

Once you have a Player window running on your computer, it can be used to open any local TI-Nspire TNS or PublishView document. You may also create your own web pages with a Player window embedded.

The simplest way to create documents for use with the Player lies in the new 3.0 Export feature.

  1. Using any 3.0 TI-Nspire software (Student, Teacher or Navigator Teacher Software) the File menu now contains the option to Export > to Web Page.. (or HTML to Clipboard to copy the required code to the clipboard for pasting into a HTML source page).

  2. Selecting the HTML option presents a window which allows you to set up the resulting web page - choose the title, and any text you might like to appear before and after the Player window. In this way, no knowledge of HTML or web programming is required to turn your TNS or TNSP documents into live web pages using the Player.

  3. The method described above drops two files to your desktop: a web page (HTML) document, and the accompanying TI-Nspire document. These should be placed in the same folder or directory when uploaded to a web server, and then links may be pointed to the web page.

Your students and colleagues now have live access to your TI-Nspire documents!

Of course, if you know some HTML then you can adapt your web pages to your liking. For a more advanced treatment, continue this tutorial.


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