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This collection of interactive activities offers a range of middle school learning opportunities for which TI-Nspire (in software or handheld forms) is ideally suited. Each makes use of Graphs & Geometry applets which allow students to be active participants in their mathematics learning rather than passive spectators.



  1. Whole Numbers: Parts of a Whole

  2. Rational Numbers: Percentage Explorer

  3. Integers: Integer Builder

  4. Rational Numbers: Number Line

  5. Rational Numbers: Fraction Explorers

  6. Early Algebra

  7. Concrete Algebra: Pattern Builders

  8. Concrete Algebra: Expression Builders

  9. Concrete Algebra: Equation Builder

  10. Algebra Sentences

  11. Geometry

  12. Geometry: Isometric Grid and 3D shapes

  13. Geometry: Exploring Quadrilaterals

  14. Geometry: TNS-LOGO

  15. Statistics

  16. Statistics: Stem and Leaf Plots


  1. Activity 1: Whole Number: Parts of a Whole

    By Steve Arnold and Marc Adam

    This activity involves students in modeling practical situations using the Part-Whole-Part model provided, and identifying the type of operation required. It can be used to lead into building algebraic expressions if desired.

    Activity 1 TNS file

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  3.    Activity 2: Rational Numbers: Percentage Explorer

    Build percentage problems using the slider and connect the proportion of the model with the percentage and decimal forms.

    Activity 2 TNS file

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  5.    Activity 3: Integers: Integer Builder

    Drag positive and negative unit squares onto the stage and build integer additions.

    Activity 3 TNS file

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  7.    Activity 4: Rational Numbers: Number Line

    Drag a point along the number line and compare the mixed numeral, improper fraction, decimal and percentage forms.

    Activity 4 TNS file

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  9.    Activity 5: Rational Numbers: Fraction Explorers

    This collection of six documents, based largely on work done by Oystein Nordvik from Norway, takes students from different forms of rational numbers and reducing fractions through all fours operations using dynamic visual approaches. Quiz programs offer consolidation, making this a fairly complete treatment of fractions.

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  11.    Activity 6: Concrete Algebra: Pattern Builders

    Steve Thornton and Steve Arnold

    OnLine version

    In this series of activities, students are presented with the same pattern of matchsticks built in different ways - and each has a different algebraic form. A graduated help facility is offered, allowing students to choose the level of help they need to answer the questions about each pattern, and to build these using algebraic form and table of values.

    Activity 6 TNS files Pattern_Builders 1-4

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  13.    Activity 7: Concrete Algebra: Expression Builders

    In these two documents, students use algebra tiles to build algebraic expressions. They can change the value of x and build multiple representations, dynamically building concrete, algebraic and graphical forms.

    Activity 7 TNS files ExpressionBuilder 1 and 2

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  15.    Activity 8: Concrete Algebra: Equation Builder

    Using algebra tiles, students build equations and then establish the equality of both sides by dragging the "x-ball" to set the two sides of the scale to be equal. They can then solve the equation, by dragging the same shapes on and off the two sides.

    Activity 8 TNS file

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  17.    Activity 9: Algebra Sentences

    An algebraic word sentence, such as "3 more than n", is generated within the spreadsheet, and students must enter the simplified form (myans := "3 + n"). Type "check()" to check their answer: the student scores a point for each correct answer - the teacher scores for each wrong answer.

    Activity 9 TNS file

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  19.    Activity 10: Geometry: Isometric Grid and 3D shapes

    Using isometric grids, students build 3D shapes from different views, and build front, side and top views from given 3D shapes.

    Activity 10 TNS files Isometrics 1 - 3

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  21.    Activity 11: Geometry: Exploring Quadrilaterals

    Drag the verices of a quadrilateral and build the different types; focus on the properties of these different figures, and finally put it all together to identify different quadrilaterals from their properties.

    Activity 11 TNS file

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  23.    Activity 12: Geometry: TNS-LOGO

    Explore geometry using this version of the classic LOGO Turtle Graphics language.

    Activity 12 TNS file

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  25.    Activity 13: Calculus 6: Statistics: Stem and Leaf Plots

    Students can create stem and leaf plots using either a program [stemandleaf(list)], which generates them in list form (shown here) or using a function [stemandleafplot(list)] which generates a matrix. The program can be used only in the Calculator; the function can be used anywhere.

    Activity 13 Student TNS file

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