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3. The High Ground:
Good Teaching, Quality Pedagogy


These central themes of what constitutes good teaching are not restricted to middle school practice. The NSW Quality Pedagogy model (adapted from Education Queensland's Productive Pedagogy and from Newman's Authentic Pedagogy) identifies three domains by which good teaching (and learning) may be defined: Intellectual quality, a quality learning environment, and significance of what is to be learned for the learner. Each domain in this model is composed of six elements, which offer the basis for identifying and evaluating the nature and extent of quality practice for a particular lesson, classroom or even school.

Intellectual Quality Creating a Quality
Learning Environment
Deep knowledge Explicit quality criteria Background knowledge
Deep understanding Engagement Cultural knowledge
Knowledge as problematic High expectations Integration of knowledge
Higher-order thinking Social support Inclusivity
Metalanguage Self regulation Connectedness
Substantive communication Student direction Narrative



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